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Meridian Associates Inc. operates as an outsourced Strategy Office for leaders of middle-market companies. As your partner, our mission is simple: to drive substantial change at your organization that enhances revenue, improves profitability, and builds enterprise value.

Since 1987, dozens of forward-thinking leaders have acted on Meridian’s distinctive strategic growth recommendations and relied on our execution oversight processes to help their organizations flourish.

Long-Term Strategic Partners
Our strategic approach is holistic, yet tightly focused on an original responsiveness to your market and customers. From recommendations through implementation, we stand beside you to adapt, pivot, or fully change the game as your industry evolves.

Experience and Personal Attention
For each client, Meridian pulls from a stable of more than 30 professionals with proven experience across diverse industries and competency areas. This handpicked team helps ensure you receive relevant insights into your unique opportunities and challenges.

Collaborative and Solutions-Oriented
Our work elevates your impact. Rather than asserting control, we leverage and build on the knowledge of your senior leaders to define priorities and implement solutions that fuel profitability and progress.

Please call us at (312) 335-8050 to learn how Meridian can help advance your organization.

Diane M. Meister
Founder and Managing Director

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