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Defining corporate strategy is about making choices. We have yet to find a middle-market company (or large corporation, for that matter) with infinite resources. As a result, hard decisions have to be made about how to allocate limited resources to achieve ongoing, profitable growth for maximum enterprise value. The question is “How to best grow the company?”

Meridian Associates has proven processes, information-gathering capabilities, and analytic frameworks to help senior executives work through those hard decisions. We assist in the identification of and focus on an organization’s competitive advantage. Ultimately, we challenge our clients to look beyond short-term horizons to position themselves for future changes – and challenges – by acting today. Our goal is to enhance value for all stakeholders in the organization.

Our work is based upon the premise that successful client relationships are built upon mutual trust, respect, and communication. Only by listening carefully can we assure that the strategies we chart will be embraced and implemented with management support.

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