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Corporate Direction Services

Meridian’s Corporate Direction Services help companies answer key questions about their current market position, future opportunities, priorities, and action plans. These services allow the middle-market CEO and senior executive team to think more strategically about how they will profitably grow their business, about resource priorities and necessary trade-offs.

Three-Year Framework for Corporate Growth

During a five-phase process, Meridian works in partnership with client company senior executives to identify a Statement of Corporate Focus, key growth Initiatives and resources required to support each, financial and operating objectives, along with customer satisfaction, internal development, and performance tracking metrics.

The Meridian process typically includes
four off-site Strategy Sessions with a client’s executive team, undertaken in these process phases:

This process results in a Three-Year Framework for Corporate Growth that is embraced by the company’s senior team, because they played a critical role in its development.

Scenario Planning

Online Webinars:
Meridian Associates is pleased to have been asked to present webinars about Scenario Planning for the Association for Strategic Planning. Information about our upcoming webinar can be found here. Information about an available, previously-recorded webinar can be found here.
Meridian's Client Team Workshops:
Contact us for information about Meridian  Workshops for your executive Team

Strategic Growth Consulting Services
These Meridian services address issues that impact the strategic direction of every organization. Meridian Growth Consulting Services include:

Competency Assessment:
Defining and Capitalizing on the Firm’s Current Distinctiveness;
Identifying New Competencies Needed for the Future
New Product Development:
Process Design for Enhancing New Product Innovation
New Market Opportunities:
Matching Market Opportunities with Company Competencies
Existing Category or Brand-Specific Growth Opportunities:
Defining and Capitalizing on Expansion Opportunities Within Existing Businesses
Capitalizing on Industry Trends:
Early-Stage Identification of Meaningful Trends
Strategic M&A Opportunities:
Market Assessments of Strategic Merger or Acquisition Candidates

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