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Client Feedback

“The Meridian people were able to draw out the essence of what we need to accomplish as a company. The fact that they were also able to help us achieve consensus among our 10-member Executive Committee was remarkable, an added bonus.”

Dick Rothkopf
Executive Vice President and Member of the Board
RC2 Corporation
(formerly: Chairman, Learning Curve International,
a $130 million children’s educational toy company)

“The Meridian Associates’ approach was focused and action-oriented. There was no unnecessary window dressing. It resulted in a new clarity about the future direction of our firm, and buy-in from the team. The enthusiasm around here now is palpable.”

John Lee
Learning Curve International

“Meridian’s work directly shaped my decisions about where to take this organization. They became part of our family.”

Alan McMillan
President and CEO
National Safety Council

“Meridian Associates got us off the dime and pointed in the right direction. The plans they helped us get to are still relevant and being actively used today, 2 years later.”

Paulette Moulos
Executive Vice President and COO
National Safety Council

“Meridian has helped us define who we are and where we want to go. They said ‘we know you’ve been a success, and we want to help you build upon that success...’ A consultant is someone you’re going to bare your soul to, so you want someone you’re comfortable with, and can trust. You don’t just want a bean counter. One of the advantages of Meridian is you get to know them and trust them.”

Greg Hege
President and CEO
Porter Athletic Equipment Company

“The real value of Meridian Associates is their one-on-one approach, their ability to really listen to us, to get to know our firm. The people at Meridian really stand out. They’re top people... They’re going to be careful, and devote a good deal of time to me.”

David C. Thies
Porter Athletic Equipment Company

“You provided a focus and a structure for our Corporate University Initiative, a project we have been talking about for at least 5 years. Thanks to Meridian Associates, we launched Advanex U in January 2007!”

Katherine Foo
Executive Vice President
Advanex Inc.
($350 million Tokyo-based manufacturer of precision springs and components) and
Regional Managing Director
Kato Spring of Singapore

“For the past 4 years, our international company has held semi-annual offsite strategy sessions with our global management team, with limited success. This year we hired Meridian Associates. For the first time, we made substantial progress in one of these meetings. Meridian got us to a clear set of priorities with action steps and helped us identify internal initiative leaders. They were the first group able to focus our multicultural, diverse team. We are very happy we found them.”

Jim Grueser
Executive Vice President
Advanex Inc.
General Manager
Kato Spring of California

“Meridian has made us look at what we thought we already knew, in new ways. They recommended we set a different priority for our investment decisions and their convincing rationale has persuaded me that we need to change the focus of this organization. We look forward to continuing to work with the Meridian team.”

Dr. George Dunea
President and CEO
Hektoen Institute of Medicine

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