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Success Stories

A selection of our client Success Stories follows, listed in two overall engagement categories:

A. Corporate Strategy and Growth
B. Business Unit or Product Line Revitalization
Below: click on client’s name or logo for a link to the full story
A. Corporate Strategy and Growth

Advanex Logo

A $350 Million Tokyo-based Public Company with 15 International Operations Sets 3 Year Strategic Priorities that Incorporate the Implications of a Shifting Industry Landscape in order to Regain Market Share and Build the Framework to Become a $500 Million Business

Evanston Northwestern Healthcare Logo

A Health Care Organization is Repositioned to Meet Competitive Market Conditions and Thereby Wins Meridian Associates the Advertising Research Foundation's 2006 David Ogilvy Award

Westclox Logo

Seth Thomas Logo

Private Equity Investors Identify a Strategic Buyer for This $100 Million Housewares Industry Market Share Leader

Learning Curve Logo

Stalled $54 Million Children’s Toy Company Sets a New Direction and Grows Annual Revenues to $130 Million in Four Years

National Safety Council Logo

A Restructured Board of Directors and a New, Market-Focused Strategic Plan Leads to Increased Market Penetration and Improved “Excess Revenues” (Net Income) for a Valued $50 Million International Non-Profit Enterprise

Porter Logo

A Demoralized Management Team Implements a New Corporate Focus that Revitalizes the Company and Attracts a Strategic Buyer

B. Business Unit or Product Line Revitalization


A 5 Year Decline in GLAD Brand Market Share in the 1980s Was Halted by Rebuilding GLAD Brand Presence Among Consumers and Introducing Unusually Innovative New Products

Within 3 Years, the Previously-Declining GLAD Brand Share Grew from 34% to 38% in a Newly-Expanding $1 Billion Market

Kellogg's Logo

Kellogg’s Successfully Implemented Consulting Team’s Detailed Recommendation to Begin a New Focus on the Nutritional Value Benefits of Selected Cereals, a Theme Previously Rejected but Now Accepted as Clearly in Line with Target Consumer Concerns

Kimberly-Clark Logo

When Kimberly-Clark R & D Efforts Failed to Produce a Softer Tissue than P&G’s About-to-be-Introduced New Puffs, Our Consulting Team Recommended that Kleenex Capitalize on the #2 Attribute of Importance to Consumers – Tissue Box Design – a Strategy that Helped Kimberly-Clark Maintain Market Share on Introduction of New Puffs

LaCroix Logo

LaCroix Sparkling Water Battles to Sizable Market Share in Category Then Owned by One Brand, Perrier, by Becoming the “Anti-Perrier” Brand

Prestone Logo

An Innovative TV Advertising Campaign Strategy and Execution Confounded the Critics and Resonated with Its Male Target Audience to Help Prestone Recapture its Position as the Best-Selling Antifreeze in North America in the 1980s

Thermos Logo

Thermos Takes on Aladdin’s Stanley Insulated Steel Bottle, Market Leader Among Blue Collar Workers, and Wins

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